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Undergraduate Course丨本科生课程
Seismic Design of Structures丨建筑结构抗震

Part 1  Earthquakes and seismic design concepts丨地震及结构抗震的基本知识

Part 2  Sites, subsoils, and foundations丨场地、地基与基础

Part 3  Seismic response of SDOF and MDOF systems丨单自由度与多自由度体系结构的地震反应

Part 4  Earthquake actions and main points of seismic design丨地震作用与结构抗震设计要点

Part 5  Seismic design of reinforced concrete buildings丨钢筋混凝土结构房屋抗震设计

Part 6  Seismic design of steel buildings丨钢结构房屋抗震设计

Part 7  Seismic design of masonry buildings丨砌体结构抗震设计

Part 8  Seismic design of factory buildings丨工业厂房抗震设计

Part 9  Nonstructural building components丨非结构构件抗震设计

Part 10  Seismically energy-dissipated and isolated buildings丨结构消能减震与隔震设计

Graduate Course丨研究生课程
Earthquake Engineering丨地震工程学

Part 1  Earthquakes and seismic design concepts丨地震及结构抗震的基本知识

Part 2  Structural dynamics and earthquake response analysis丨结构动力学基础与地震反应分析

Part 3  Earthquake actions and seismic design丨地震作用与结构抗震设计

Part 4  Structural nonlinear analysis models丨结构非线性分析模型

Part 5  Guidelines for nonlinear structural analysis丨结构非线性分析方法与评估

Part 6  Cases for nonlinear structural analysis丨结构非线性分析实例

Part 7  Experimental methods of building structures丨建筑结构试验

Part 8  Seismically energy-dissipated  buildings丨建筑结构减震设计

Part 9  Seismically isolated buildings丨建筑结构隔震设计

Part 10  Seismic design methods and progress丨结构抗震设计方法与进展

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